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Alcohol Screening Entry System

The SENTINEL is a fully automated breath alcohol screening system for employee, contractor and visitor access control. SENTINEL alcohol screening is self-administered, non-invasive and non-contact. No consumables or operator attendance is required. The SENTINEL is engineered for rapid and repeatable high volume screening in the Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction industries. Its robust design, field proven alcohol sensing technology and ease of use provide long working life and exceptional subject compliance. Make SENTINEL your partner in workplace alcohol safety.


Key Features:

  • Interoperability: Designed to work as a stand-alone unit or integrated with existing time clocks, gates and other security controlled access points.

  • Automatic Passive Testing: The test is automatically triggered as the subject blows towards the designated port. No mouthpieces or straws required. Low cost per test. Perfect for high volume environment.

  • Rapid Repeatability: Instant response on negative tests. Capable of taking hundreds of tests per day

  • Icon Driven Communication : Universal, easy to understand visual prompts clearly communicate with the subject. No user interpretation needed

  • Remote Updating: System is field upgradable using the internal USB interface

  • Serviceability: Calibrate the unit without removing the breathalyzer. Contains modular components for easy in-field replacements.

  • Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor: Provides exceptional accuracy as well as a long -life span

  • Adjustable Alcohol Levels: Easily adjust alcohol cut-off levels depending on your testing protocol. Choose from .000 BAC when any amount of alcohol is a violation, .02, .04, or any desired alcohol level.