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ChemScan Mini Water Quality Analyzer

The single parameter in-line analyzer family from ASA Analytics utilizes years of ChemScan® experience and proven technology to provide reliable and accurate analysis of water and waste water. This device has been designed from the ground up to reduce maintenance requirements, includes large ID sample tubing to minimize plugging and only needs quarterly reagent refills. We offer first grade ChemScan Mini Water Quality Analyzer widely used for Single Sample, Single Parameter Water and Waste Water Analysis.

ChemScan mini Analyzers

ChemScan mini Analyzers Parameters
ChemScan Mini oP Ortho Phosphate
ChemScan Mini LoP Low Ortho Phosphate
ChemScan Mini UV254 UV254 Percent Transmittance
ChemScan Mini LowAm Ammonia
ChemScan Mini Mn Manganese
ChemScan Mini LowChlor Chlorine
ChemScan Mini Sulfite Sulfite
ChemScan Mini Mono Monochloramine
ChemScan Mini FreeAm Free Ammonia
ChemScan Mini Cu Copper
ChemScan Mini CrVI Hexavalent Chromium
ChemScan Mini Low CrVI Low Hexavalent Chromium
ChemScan Mini Fe Iron


Alkalinity Nickel
Ammonia, Free Nitrate
Ammonia, Total Nitrite
Aquatic Humic Substances (AHS) Nitrogen, Total
Barium Nitrogen, Total Oxidized
Chloramine Nutrients, Multiple
Chlorine, Free Organic Acids
Chlorinie, Total Ozone, Dissolved
Chrome VI Percent Transmittance
COD Phosphate, ortho
Color, Aparent Phosphate, poly
Color, True Phosphorous, Total
Copper Polymers, Synthetic
Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Potassium Permanaganate
Hardness, Total Silica
Humic Matter Solids Correlation
Iodine Specific Absorbance
Iron, Ferric Spectrum Matching
Iron, Ferrous Sulfate
Iron, Total Sulfite, Dechlorination
Manganese Tannin
Molybdate TOC
Monochloramine Triazole
Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Turbidity