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ChemScan UV Water Quality Analyzer

ChemScan automatic chemical analysis systems for water and waste water monitoring and control are used to detect nutrients, halogens, dissolved metals and optical parameters in water and waste-water. ChemScan on-line analyzers provide operators and control systems with timely process chemistry measurements. These data are used to control and optimize the process; resulting in increased plant capability, reduced energy, and chemical usage along with monitoring the process for compliance.

Key Features :

  • Internal manifold with inlets for automatic zeroing, automatic cleaning, calibration samples and process sample lines
  • Real-time spectrographic chemical analysis using advanced pattern recognition techniques.
  • Easily interfaced to SCADA systems (4-20 mA, MODBUS or Ethernet)
  • Internal logs for analysis values and zeroing measurements
  • Exclusive, rugged spectrograph with 256 pixel photodiode array
  • Long service life xenon flash lamp
  • Internal computer to apply chemometric analysis algorithms
  • Self-monitoring diagnostics and alarms
  • External keypad and backlit liquid crystal display
  • Dedicated analog output for each parameter plus standard RS-232 ASCII or optional MODBUS outputs
  • Custom configured outputs
  • Temperature controlled NEMA-4 electronics enclosure
  • All components are of our own design. No danger of obsolescence over the decades.

Portable Water Monitoring

  • Chloramination Monitoring
  • Water Blending
  • Organics Detection
  • Nitrification Avoidance

Wastewater Nutrient Monitoring

  • Nitrification Analysis
  • De- Nitrification Control
  • Chem or Bio Phosphorus Removal
  • Nutrient Deficiency Analysis
  • SBR End Point Detection
  • Alkalinity Monitoring.

For Multiple Sample, Multiple Parameter Water and Waste Water Analysis

ChemScan Analyzers Applications Analysis Parameters Max Sample lines
ChemScan UV-2150/S Chloramination FNH3, TNH3, Monochloramine, Cl2 2
ChemScan UV-2150/DC Chem Feed Cl2 residual, Dechlor residual 2
ChemScan UV-2150/N Aeration Rate NH3, NO3 2
ChemScan UV-2150/NoP Chem Feed NO3, PO4 2
ChemScan UV-2150/NHoP Nutrient Control NH3, PO4 2
ChemScan UV-2150 Nutrient Control Analysis of one parameter 4
ChemScan UV-3150 Nutrient Control Analysis of one parameter 8
ChemScan UV-4100 Nutrient Control Analysis of multiple parameter (up to 4) 2
ChemScan UV-6101 Nutrient Control Analysis of multiple parameter (up to 8) 8