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Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Our MultiTest-i series of universal testers are rated from 500 N to 50 kN, in single and twin column models. Grips and fixtures are available for holding any test specimen, and if a custom grip or fixture is required, Mecmesin has the engineering expertise to design and make to requirement on our premises. Highly versatile, MultiTest-i systems are suitable for production testing or design and laboratory use. They can be programmed and configured for rapid batch testing and tracking, or for application of any individual industry standard test methods that involve tension or compression force measurement.

Excellent resolution and outstanding accuracy come as standard with these systems.

 These top-of-the-range universal tensile and compression testers come fully programmable, with comprehensive evaluation and analysis tools. They are used worldwide for performing industry standard test methods for products and materials of all kinds


Brand Name Mecmesin
Place of Origin United Kingdom
Capacity 0.5-50 kN