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Median Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine

This range of test systems meets practically all the requirements of metals and composites testing for strength, durability and toughness. It is backed up with a wide choice of appropriate application software, transducers and accessories that satisfy the requirements of most standard test practices applicable to such tests. These accessories include room and elevated temperature testing of metals for tension and compression properties, low and high-cycle fatigue, fracture and fatigue crack growth, testing of composites under ambient and controlled environment for shear, tension/compression and fatigue and testing of joints and fasteners for strength and durability under a wide range of loading conditions, including constant amplitude, programmed block loading and simulated service loading.

Standard Features

  • 0–100 Hz cycling frequency
  • Hydraulic lifts and clamps
  • 50/100/150/250/300/500/600 kN force rating
  • 150 mm actuator stroke
  • Adaptable to wide range of fixtures & grips
  • Actuator on fixed bottom crosshead
  • Electronically servo-controlled variable flow, variable pressure, low noise, energy efficient pump
  • Up to 40kHz,32-bit digital closed loop control
  • 32-bit data acquisition
  • Frame stiffness 600 kN/mm
  • User friendly MTL-Windows software with dedicated application software
  • Provision for user to program in software


  • Fatigue crack propagation
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Room temperature tests
  • Testing in corrosive environment
  • Tension/compression/3-point bend
  • Low/High cycle fatigue (LCF/HCF)
  • Ductile/Brittle fracture toughness
  • Low/High temperature tests