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Nano Plug and Play Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine

The Nano provides a comprehensive servo-hydraulic solution to mechanical testing of materials. These fully-automated systems are ideal for academic institutions to teach strength of materials, fatigue life, fracture mechanics and such areas, besides basic research applications. The machine serves the requirements as per prevailing international standard practices for the characterization of mechanical properties like tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue crack propagation, fatigue life and fracture toughness. Along with specific fixtures, it is also useful for several industrial applications like testing of wire ropes, chains, packaging material etc.

Standard features   

  • Single footprint system  
  • 25 kN load capacity
  • ± 25 mm stroke
  • 0-100 Hz cyclic loading  
  • Virtually noiseless   
  • High precision servo-control    
  • Rated for indefinite operation


  • Tension/Compression/3-point
  • Ductile and brittle fracture
  • Fatigue crack propagation
  • Threshold stress intensity
  • Low/High-cycle fatigue
  • Elastomer properties