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Sound Level Meter

Exposure to excessive noise is a major occupational hazard with prolonged over-exposure potentially leading to noise induced hearing loss. Noise can also have an adverse impact on the environment causing nuisance. Routine monitoring is a common activity using appropriate measuring instrumentation. Hand held sound level meters are the ideal instrument for short term noise measurement of occupational and environmental noise. Casella sound level meters are ergonomically designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The instrument uses an intuitive, color coded display to ensure ease of use.


Key Features :

  • Compact, rugged design to suit industrial environments
  • Simple operation for quick and easy noise measurements
  • Meets  IEC 61672 and IEC 60651  and ANSI S1.4, class 1 or 2 (depending upon model) meaning full compliance
  • Single large measurement range
  • Large memory stores multiple measurements
  • Pre-defined and user configurations available
  • Automatic calibration function simplifies use
  • Long battery life
  • Environmental outdoor kit available.

Industrial Applications :    

  • Occupational Noise Measurement
  • Workplace noise assessments according to ISO9612 and OSHA CFR 1910.95
  • Selection of hearing protection
  • Calculation of noise exposure
  • Ensuring compliance with workplace noise legislation
  • Environmental Noise Measurement
  • Boundary noise assessments    
  • Noise nuisance complaints    
  • Measurements according to ISO1996, BS4142
    • Noise At Work Applications
    • Class 1 or Class 2 Versions Available
    • Calculation of Noise Exposure
    • Simple Operation
    • Pre-defined and User Configurations Available.