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Water Purification System

Use of finest raw material helps us in bringing forth exceptional products. Due to this very fact, we make use of only quality raw materials procured from trusted sources. You can make payments through online methods such as net banking, PayPal, or offline methods such as draft depositing, cash on delivery etc. Our policies regarding payment are swift and transparent.



  • Pure/Ultra-Pure water system - Can be used for pure and Ultra-Pure water.

  • Fast Flow Rate - Pure water- 16(32L) L/hr, Ultra-Pure water-120L/hr.

  • Touch Screen and Voice Guidance - For ease of use system has touched screen, setting of voice and Pop-up message guidance.

  • Built-In 20L Pressurised tank - Uses pressurised tank for blocking of external contamination because of air.

  • High Capacity DI Cartridge - Uses filter with excellent processing capacity for assuring best water quality.

  • UV Lamp & Leakage Detector Installed by default - UV lamp for production of Ultra-Pure water with lowest count of organic substances. Leakage Detector issues alarming sound if there is leakage for safety of user.

  • Touch Screen Monitor

  • System information

  • Life of filter

  • Uv lamp indicator

  • Tap water quality indicator

  • Status of Pure/Ultra-Pure water dispensing

  • Pump Monitor

  • Pure/Ultra-Pure water draining volume

  • Total volume

  • Print out

  • Simple Installation & initial setting guide

  • Auto Flashing

  • Record history

  • USB port

  • Software upgrade

  • Tank level indicator



  • Molecular Biology

  • PCR

  • DNA sequencing

  • Cell culture

  • Media preparation

  • Microbiology

  • In-vitro fertilization

  • Electrophoresis

  • Monoclonal antibody production